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BRUNSWICK, a city and the county-seat of Glynn county, Georgia, U.S.A., and a port of entry, on St Simon Sound, about 12 m. from the Atlantic Ocean, and about 100 m. S. of Savannah. Pop. (1890) 8459; (1900) 9081, of whom 5184 were of negro descent; (1910 U.S. census) 10,182. It is one of the seaports of Georgia, the Federal government having dredged a channel in the inner harbour 21 ft. deep at mean low water and a channel across the outer bar 19.3 ft. deep at mean low water—there is a rise of 7.2 ft. at high tide. St Simon Island and Jekyl Island (a winter resort of wealthy men), lying between the ocean and the mainland, protect the harbour. The city is served by the Southern, the Atlanta, Birmingham & Atlantic, and the Atlantic coast31793-h.htm'>coast Line railways; it is also connected by Lines of steamboats with various ports along the coast31793-h.htm'>coast, including New York and Boston. Brunswick's growth has been retarded by the successful rivalry of other cities, notably Savannah; but it has a considerable export trade, principally in lumber, cross-ties and naval stores—its exports were valued at ,387,838 in 1908—and various manufactories, including planing mills, cooperage works and oyster canneries. It was settled about 1772, and received a city charter in 1856.
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